Grants for Teachers

The San Juan Education Foundation's goal is to provide support for innovative teacher-driven programs that inspire a love of learning and prepare our students to succeed in a global economy.

We are now accepting proposals for STARS grants on a quarterly basis each year.

San Juan Education Foundation funds “direct to teacher” grants: Innovative Learning Grants (up to $1,000) and Mini Grants (up to $500). If you are interested in a PBL Green Garden grant or technology project grant, please contact us. If we can secure funding we will notify you. Grant applications are accepted quarterly throughout the year. Due dates, notification dates, and award dates are provided on the relative application. For grant details, requirements, deadlines, and other pertinent application information see Apply for a Grant.

Grant to Support Literacy

This grant offers elementary and K-8 school sites an opportunity to create a robust community of readers. In the Reading STARS program, one book is selected and read by everyone in a school, becoming the unifying theme for conversation and school-wide activities.

  • This grant supports your site’s balanced literacy program through school-wide conversations that promote a culture of reading both at school and home.
  • The grant supports learning opportunities that can build from a unifying theme in support of Social Emotional Learning or Character Education. 
  • Grant funds may be used to support activities in art, theater, music, science, math, history, and other instructional areas. 
  • Schools participating in the program may do a variety of activities to heighten and promote interest in and discussion of the book, from school-wide assemblies to art and writing contests.

San Juan Education Foundation (SJEF) offers STARS Literacy Grants to SJUSD elementary and K-8 schools. Teachers complete an application for a literacy grant, and the grant application is reviewed by a committee of experts. 

SJEF would like to make literacy grants available in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Literacy grants are up to $5,000 each and can cover the cost of a book for each child to keep, reading incentives, support materials, theatre and art materials, field trips, etc.

Apply for a Literacy Grant.