Cal Worthington Memorial Scholarship

The Cal Worthington Memorial Scholarship is awarded in memory of Cal Worthington. Cal Worthington was a decorated WW2 veteran who later became a legendary car dealer and one of the most successful farmers in California. Cal flew B-17's over Europe and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service. He continued to fly his whole life. After the war, he became one of the largest car dealers in the United States, and was particularly well known for his television commercials that implored people to "Go See Cal," and featured his dog Spot, which was anything but a dog. In his later years, he was a major force in agriculture, as well, with some of the largest almond and olive ranches in the state. Although Cal never graduated from high school, he was a firm believer in education, hard work, and perseverance.

This Scholarship seeks to remember Cal by giving a young person an opportunity to continue their education in some of the areas that were so meaningful to Cal.

The Scholarship is administered by the San Juan Education Foundation. The Cal Worthington Scholarship fund will offer seven $1,500 scholarships and two $2,000 in 2019.  One qualified student from each of SJUSD's seven high schools will be eligible for a $1,500 level scholarship.  One student from Encina and one student from San Juan High School will also be eligible for a $2,000 scholarship.

An "eligible senior" is a graduating senior who has expressed a serious interest in one of the following career paths:

  1. automotive technology
  2. the military
  3. the digital (“media”) arts
  4. aviation
  5. business  
  6. agriculture, including the culinary arts.

These career paths are reflective of the many talents and skills Mr. Worthington exemplified.


To apply for a scholarship, students should submit a brief application and short essay of not more than 500 words discussing why they aspire to a career or have a significant interest in one of the six career areas identified above. A Selection Committee from each school established by the Principal will review and select the scholarship recipients after considering recommendations from the Selection Committee, and taking into account both merit and financial need.


Scholarships will be awarded at the end of the school year.


Deadline to submit an application: April 15, 2019