Grant Selection Process

Note: Projects that do not primarily address Science, Technology, Arts or Reading will not be scored.

The following scoring process will be used by reviewers to assess your application and should serve as a guide in developing your narrative.

I.  The program enhances and improves student achievement (80 points)

  • Engages students as active participants in the learning process.
  • Nurtures the students’ desire to learn and create.
  • Stimulates and motivates students to achieve academic excellence.
  • Encourages specific improvement in student’s skills and attitudes.
  • Includes specific learning objectives and ways of measuring the effectiveness of project activities.
  • Addresses the state’s academic content standards.

II.  The program can be replicated (10 points)

  • Adapts easily for use by other teachers and/or schools.

III.  The budget supports the program and expenses are cost effective (10 points)

  • Includes a complete itemization of expenses.
  • Reflects expenditures which directly support the proposed activities.
  • Establishes a base for future education activities that will not require ongoing financial support.

Grants must receive a minimum score of 70 points in order to be considered for funding. Funding priority will be given to novice applicants. This should not discourage previous recipients from applying for funding as the funding pool may allow us to fund all qualified applications.

All grant proposals are screened for basic requirements, including adhering to the focus on Science, Technology, Arts or reading, and reviewed by the SJEF Grants Committee. Additionally, Project Based Learning grants will also be screened for evidence of attendance at one of the grant workshops.